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i've been thinking about getting a piercing on my nostril and i'm wondering - how much it will cost - thanks :)
Hello Breanna! It all depends on the jewelry you choose. It starts at $45 and can go up from there. Give us a call at 6192231771 if you have any more questions :)
I want to get my tounge pierced and I was wondering how many days will it take until I would be able to talk normal again? My friday for work is a wednesday and im off for 3 days n back to work on sunday, n I use alot of customer service... if I get it peirced on a wednesday, will I be ok by sat night?
Hi Crystal!! In our experience a tongue piercing cared for proper will have 7-10 days of initial swelling/slight discomfort. This tends to peak on the third day and taper down dramatically after that. I believe you would be perfectly fine to go back to work on Saturday! If you have any other questions you can give us a call at 6192231771 or visit one of our two locations and we can break it all down for you :)
Hi! I am interested in getting my belly button pierced. Can you tell me how much it cost?

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